The Collector

Welcome to my teenage years in the year 2000. If you read my "About Me" section then you already know that I was a former collector. This is just a small glimpse of one of my collections in my life. If it's not obvious, I am a big "I Love Lucy" fan. It is very interesting for me to look back into my old bedroom. I had a lot of stuff! I also did not like to dust. I still do not like to dust, but I have quite a bit less to move around.

I was such a collector that I once told a crush that I collected stickers. Now when you say the word "stickers" say it with a high pitched voice, because my voice definitely got a lot higher when I said that word over the phone to one of the popular guys at my school. Oh, and I was a teenager and I admitted to collecting stickers. Smooth move! Now I totally understand why I did not date much.

Don't get me wrong, I still have the urge to collect sometimes. You just take me to the nearest antique mall and I have to tie my hands up to not leave with all of the 1970's pyrex and those really cool Avon perfume bottles that my great aunt use to sale. Let's not forget all of the amazing toys that came out in the 80's. What?!?!?! You are telling me those are antiques now? Kids these days just don't know what they missed out on.

The only things I really collect now are memories and a few special pieces I have saved. I see the wooden elephant sitting on my bookshelf and I instantly think about my papa. I grab my hammer and make quite a few holes in the wall. This makes me think about my dad. I also think about my mema when I'm baking and reach down to grab the pink and white pot holder that use to be hers. I wonder how many times she used that to take homemade biscuits out of the oven? I even have this really random purple hippopotamus tape dispenser that my mema Robbins gave me. It makes me think of her and that really makes me happy.

I am not saying to stop collecting items that bring you joy. I am saying to not put these possessions before the people in your life that you care about the most. Is saying I collect people creepy? Well, just a little. What I mean by that is once I bring you into my life you usually remain in my life. That is why I still have relationships that date back to my childhood. I treasure relationships the most. Though it definitely has its downfalls. I mean, if I stuck to collecting key chains and beanie babies I would probably get less heartbroken when it doesn't work out. Are people worth it? YES! Find those people you connect with. Spend time with them. Hold them close. Remember, you can't call up that barbie doll, (which still looks like Sinead O'Connor because you thought her hair would grow back). So call up your long lost friends and try your best to mend those broken relationships with people you love. Collect stories, passed down recipes, and all of the hugs you can get your hands on!



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